Demonising the Disabled

December 5, 2011 at 8:23 am 2 comments

Disabled people like other minorities have long faced discrimination and hate.  Recently though we have just about reached the point of if its wrong, blame the crips.  We are an easy target, and for many the attacks just keep coming. 

Benefits claimed by many people unable to work, or with extra needs  caused by disabled people, have become arguably the biggest ‘stick’ used against us.  If you listen to the hype we commit fraud,and live the life of luxury, on huge state provided incomes, and many freebies. In truth fraud in disability benefits is low, less than one percent, the stories that hit the headlines, do so simply because they are rare.  Under payments, and under claiming are much more of a problem. Under payment is being paid the wrong rate despite providing full information, much of the over payment is also caused this way, known  as Official Error.  It and fraud are usually quoted as a single figure.   Under claiming means not claiming the benefit you are entitled to, or claiming a lower rate, the latter being most common in Disability Living Allowance.  As for thef reebies, such as cars, and wheelchairs, simply aren’t. Those cars are paid for by us out of the Mobility Component of DLA. Some equipment is provided by  the state, but the range is limited, and often to find a suitable option we have to pay, even if we are eligible for the provision of said equipment, many arent despite being in need.  The huge income is much quoted, but not real, what we do receive is supposed to meet many additional costs, such as extra heat, or expensive transport needs.  In reality disabled people often run out of money, before they run out of month.  Choosing between basic needs, for example heat or eat  may  be the only way to make ends meet.

Just as stated in the article  disabled people face disability apartheid,  Having to sit in certain seats at events, often away from the people you went with, using special entrances, limited access to transport, and even having to carry out banking transactions  in the street are a fact of life for large numbers of disabled people.  Disabled people are covered by the Equality Act, and the Human Rights Act but many providers  pay lip service to  the requirements of the law.  Try using the law to claim your rights, and quite apart from dealing with the complex and long process, you may well face being treated like a toddler having a paddy.  Disabled people are often expected to be grateful for the rights we are given, and it is positively frowned upon if you dismiss  these ‘paltry’  offerings, and fight for true legal rights and  equality.

Hate crime does not just mean just being beat up, being threatened or facing  verbal insults count too. These are far too commonplace, with many people reporting incidents.  Such ‘attacks’ are not taken as seriously as they should  be.  They are under reported, and dismissed by victims, simply because they  know nothing will happen.  Tragedies have happened because victims are not believed.

I don’t believe this has just happened,  the attacks by the government  and media  misinformation, have in my  opinion been carefully planned. This opinion is then largely unknowingly adopted by the general public. Make no mistake this is a smokescreen, whilst the country is busily hating us, the Government is destroying the economy, and the rights of  us all, disabled  or now.

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  • 1. Magnumintercursus  |  December 5, 2011 at 4:47 pm

    Unfortunately the price of ‘Austerity’ in the UK is a shift in Political Ideology to the fringes of madness. Cameron, Clegg, IDS, Grayling and all the other Tory ‘monsters’ are close to being totally unhinged. Their persecutory propaganda has its roots in the 1930’s Anti-Semitic Propaganda, and much the same disinformation, social isolation and demonization techniques are being employed. Slowly though, the Country is becoming more suspicious – for the World Wars were fought AGAINST such politics. I doubt we shall unseat these vile and excremental men (and women) and it is doubtful that many will realize the direction in which we are headed – until some tragedy, of epic proportion forces the Public to face their hatred. They do not wear Swastikas my friend: therefore they are not easily identified, but we know them through their carping, stigmatization and their unjust and untruthful testimonies. I have a young Teenage boy: Sebastian. Profoundly Autistic yet in the 2% range for extraordinary abilities. He can’t communicate well, he is isolated in his body and mind and sometimes I look at my boy and wonder what kind of future he faces when I am no longer there to fight for Him? I have seen the way that, so-called ‘normal’ kids behave towards him – the bullying, the beatings and the cruel jibes at his “disability.” Yet what fills me with mortal rage is when Adults take up the hue and cry of bigotry, stigmatization and some exaction for ‘imagined’ wrongdoing: as if my Son HAS to justify his existence. As if ANY of OUR children have to justify why they are alive! I know I may seem close to sounding violent, vehement, lethal in my intent: yet I cannot mitigate the fury I feel when I see what this Government is doing, nor how the Media and BBC,ITV et al. connive and profit from the disgusting propaganda: rhetoric which belongs with the remains of those who died in the Bunker in Berlin at the end of the Second World War. Yet, to hear those foul words uttered again is too much to bear, and perhaps their repetition – like a stultifying and depressing mantra – will lead the people to pause: just for a moment, and reflect upon why they are about to cast another stone. You are not alone, and their rhetoric has already failed if they ever thought we would truly abandon you. You are not alone.

    • 2. debondisability  |  December 6, 2011 at 11:32 am

      Yoou are right, we are seeing behaviour, from the top down, that was last tolerated decades ago. It is offically fuelled, I certainly don’t believe that the errors in the media, just happen they are ‘planted’. I believe though that the attitude will come back to bite the government, the factit is reported inmainstream media, meansitsnoticedoutsside the disabled world. Ijust hopeit ends beforethere is a real tragedy


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