Disability Hate Murder Sentences Doubled

December 11, 2011 at 8:37 am 1 comment

Murders fuelled by disability hate will now get sentenced to up to 30 years.  Along with those against transgendered people, it now brings it into line with other hate murders. I welcome any change that takes crimes against  disabled people seriously,  I still worry that less serious hate crime  is being ignored, and in some cases endorsed.

Most disabled people won’t get murdered, but less serious hate crimes and incidents  are commonplace, and very few people will escape it completely.  Being screamed at in the street, some types of discrimination, and threats among others can all count.  Try reporting these though and you don’t always  get the response you deserve.  I have heard of many situations where blamedon the victims, along the lines that they misunderstood the situation, and are somehowin need of protection, and not able to cope.  Whilst additional support would genuinely help some, it is very wrong to ‘blame’ the victim, and excuse the criminal.  Support needs to be in place ifor victims, whilst crimesaredealt with appropriately.

We live in difficult times and right now disabled people seem to be the target for society’s anger and frustration.  We are the ‘burden’ the country can’t handle, and it seems like we are to blame for anything from the banking crisis to global warming.  The result is that we have become objects of hate, and hate crime incidents are increasing.  This is not, in my opinion, just happening, in many cases, the ‘gun’ is being loaded by the Government and media, for the general public to fire.  The daily diet  of stories of benefit fraud, and the Government stance of persistent’ relience on state handouts, by those who could work. aimed us, enforce the idea that we are here only to put in our place. There are too many people in this country, only too happy to teach us a lesson.  These hate crimes however are nottaken seriously, we are just expected to accept that they are part of our life.

I repeat any progress is welcome, but all hate crime must be taken, and dealt with seriously.  Above all the Government and media must stop fuelling the hate, and must play their part in stopping it.  Fiona Pilkington and her daughter did not die as a result of hate murder, however their deaths were as a result of hate crime. Further the authorities failed them, neglected their duty. It must never be  allowed to happen again, but it will, many times, if it hasn’t already, unless all hate incidents/crime, and the effects on victims  are taken seriously.

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