I think we may be making our point

December 13, 2011 at 11:13 am 3 comments

I’m feeling a little bit reflective today, I starteed thinking about just where the rights fight is. The journey towards true equality is long, those fighting today are probably not going tosee it end.  What we are definitely seeing is a change.  Its slow, relatively small, and we have to keep fighting,but its there. 

Some national newspapers are starting to write positive stories about us, not the usual ahh factor stuff, but articles that question why we are being treated as we are, and give us a voice.  Its not a straight run, there are still  negative stories too many,  and some are unlikely to change their stance in a hurry, but as themedia tide turn gathers momentum,then their view will become more and more out of step, and hopefully noticed as such.  

Grassroots activists people who have quietly fought the fight for years are suddenly being noticed,and asked their views.  Its less of asking organisations what disabled people think, more of communicating with disabled people directly.  Ordinary activists, yes we are real people, are being   listened to, quoted, and having their views placed in the public domain.  We have been shouting for  years, now at last we are starting to be heard.

There are still those  who want to stop us, there always will be, its the nature of the  fight. On the bright side it means we are having an effect, making a difference.  If not, it wouldn’t be worth the effort of hindering us.  They can keep trying, but we will keep fighting. We know it happens because at the time of campaigns, the same  things happen to many, too many to be random.

We have the first glimpses of a real opportunity to drive change, the very first chink of light at the end of what is still a very long tunnel. The fight is not over, but now it has truely started, we cannot waste our best chance yet to win our rights,  Our fight goes on, Solidartity!


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  • 1. Bernie Manier  |  December 17, 2011 at 9:03 pm

    Hi there, of course this paragraph is in fact fastidious and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging. thanks.

  • 2. Robert Campbell  |  December 20, 2011 at 11:59 am

    Whilst it is good that more positive press coverage is no happening, I feel the damage done is irreperable. I am one of those who have worked tirelessly to change mindsets and attitudes towards disabled people and disability itself.

    We have had many successes but inevitably, after a while, our hard work has come to a sudden end. For instance, I was part of a delegation who met members of the Parliamentary Cross-Party committee on Arthritis. Sadly, very few members bothered to turn up and our message seems to have been lost inside the Palace of Westminster. Another example: I was Regional Director of a charity set up to help find employment for disabled people. One of our assets was nthe DWP “Supported Employment” scheme where we could use DWP money to offset the costs of loss of productivity because of disability. This scheme worked well until Government set targets which required us to reduce the amount of Government financial input which meant that in those cases wher disabled employees could not increase their workload, the employer was left to bear the costs. No need to explain what happened next to the severely disasbled employees as a result of all of this.

    So, YES praise must be given wher it is due but censure must also follow when the goalposts are changed. This is the area of disability that goes unnoticed and causes those with hidden disabilities to be classed as ‘Benefit Scroungers’.

    • 3. debondisability  |  December 29, 2011 at 1:55 pm

      I agree that damage has been done. I also see this as the greatest opportunity we have to date to make the good press count to progress the fight. The press and Government hype is a factor, but we have the beginning of a break. We must make that count, we want the rights, so we must claim them.


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