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Cameron’s Tourettes jibe speaks volumes

David Cameron says facing Ed Balls  is like sitting opposite  someone with Tourettes. A remark, he made, and resulting apology, made mostly by his spokeswomen,  that shows us exactly what we are dealing with in my opinion.  Forget the policies for a moment, agree with them or not, most activists rightly don’t, you could argue they are part of his job.  I wonder though just how on earth this disablist remark can be justified.  The answer to me is simple, it can’t.  There have been      many incidents of senior,and not so senior politicians  making ‘off the cuff’ remarks, look closer, and they are anything but.  They are, as I believe this to be carefully planted.

For most of this Parliament disabled people  have put up with almost constant ‘abuse’ and put downs all wrapped up in the supposedly, not really, polite language of politics.  We are  it seems, the cause of the country’s ills, we are, benefit cheating, workshy, burdens  on decent citizens,  Harsher and harsher policies are being put in place to control us.  The Cameron Government pledge to strip away  our benefits, support services,and ultimately many of  our hard fought rights.  A media campaign fuelled by much misinformation, has helped reinforce the ‘justice’ of these policies in the mind of the masses, many of whom cannot be expected to understand disability, or the effects the changes have, because it hasn’t touched their lives. 

So exactly what are we dealing with?  The remark certainly had no place in the serious political arena, nor can it be excused  as ignorance, Mr Cameron has experience of disability,  a fact we are never allowed to forget.  Many activists, me included,  have maintained that its not just policy, but an attitude of ‘demonising’ the disabled’ to make their point.  Right now probably we should thank Mr Cameron for proving our point, the stystemic ‘hate campaign’ against disabled people is not just political  need, but personal bias, bias likely to be seen by many as disabilism.  Yet again we have been used to score cheap points, but this time, it has nothing at all to do with policy.

Mr Cameron is educated and asute enough to realise what he has done, that his ‘off the cuff’ remark could cause distress and harm to disabled people, whether or not they have tourettes.   His excuse of an apology means nothing to me, or likely other disabled people.   The incidents merelyadd to the already horrific damage this Government has done.  As far as I am concerned, the gloves are off, disabled people have been made to fight for survival, to justify every single right they have.  Now he has proved he is merely prejudiced, and not fit for purpose, the only just outcome is that he is made to fight for his political life ,and fails. 

I wish to make it clear  that while I have every sympathy for the Cameron family’s loss, I have no respect for those who use such a loss against others. 

When I wrote this I  incorrectly named Ed Milliband as the wronged party, not Ed Balls.   This has been corrected, and as asked by a reader I apologise unreservedly to Mr Milliband and Mr Balls.    


January 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm 12 comments

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