Cameron’s Tourettes jibe speaks volumes

January 8, 2012 at 12:45 pm 12 comments

David Cameron says facing Ed Balls  is like sitting opposite  someone with Tourettes. A remark, he made, and resulting apology, made mostly by his spokeswomen,  that shows us exactly what we are dealing with in my opinion.  Forget the policies for a moment, agree with them or not, most activists rightly don’t, you could argue they are part of his job.  I wonder though just how on earth this disablist remark can be justified.  The answer to me is simple, it can’t.  There have been      many incidents of senior,and not so senior politicians  making ‘off the cuff’ remarks, look closer, and they are anything but.  They are, as I believe this to be carefully planted.

For most of this Parliament disabled people  have put up with almost constant ‘abuse’ and put downs all wrapped up in the supposedly, not really, polite language of politics.  We are  it seems, the cause of the country’s ills, we are, benefit cheating, workshy, burdens  on decent citizens,  Harsher and harsher policies are being put in place to control us.  The Cameron Government pledge to strip away  our benefits, support services,and ultimately many of  our hard fought rights.  A media campaign fuelled by much misinformation, has helped reinforce the ‘justice’ of these policies in the mind of the masses, many of whom cannot be expected to understand disability, or the effects the changes have, because it hasn’t touched their lives. 

So exactly what are we dealing with?  The remark certainly had no place in the serious political arena, nor can it be excused  as ignorance, Mr Cameron has experience of disability,  a fact we are never allowed to forget.  Many activists, me included,  have maintained that its not just policy, but an attitude of ‘demonising’ the disabled’ to make their point.  Right now probably we should thank Mr Cameron for proving our point, the stystemic ‘hate campaign’ against disabled people is not just political  need, but personal bias, bias likely to be seen by many as disabilism.  Yet again we have been used to score cheap points, but this time, it has nothing at all to do with policy.

Mr Cameron is educated and asute enough to realise what he has done, that his ‘off the cuff’ remark could cause distress and harm to disabled people, whether or not they have tourettes.   His excuse of an apology means nothing to me, or likely other disabled people.   The incidents merelyadd to the already horrific damage this Government has done.  As far as I am concerned, the gloves are off, disabled people have been made to fight for survival, to justify every single right they have.  Now he has proved he is merely prejudiced, and not fit for purpose, the only just outcome is that he is made to fight for his political life ,and fails. 

I wish to make it clear  that while I have every sympathy for the Cameron family’s loss, I have no respect for those who use such a loss against others. 

When I wrote this I  incorrectly named Ed Milliband as the wronged party, not Ed Balls.   This has been corrected, and as asked by a reader I apologise unreservedly to Mr Milliband and Mr Balls.    


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I think we may be making our point Everyone has the right to take their own life

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  • 1. Ralph  |  January 8, 2012 at 1:34 pm

    The remark was about Ed Balls NOT Ed Miliband. So you’ve got your facts wrong. Are you going to apologise like Cameron has?

    • 2. debondisability  |  January 8, 2012 at 2:07 pm

      Thank you I have now corrected this,and apologised. However I cannot, as you asked apologise like the PM. I neither have haveaspokeswomen, nor would I ever hide behind one if I had. Unlike those in power I own up to my wrongs.

  • 3. kevin arnold  |  January 8, 2012 at 3:43 pm

    there you are another so called disabled person,who is moaning about how hard life is for you. get in the real world,most people have to earn money not just get it thrown at them, like your sector of society(who in most cases are able to do some form of work)who wish to screw as much out of the disabled handouts as possible,i have to pay for car,council tax,household bills etc,on £10;000 annual pay,i know a lot of so called disabled, whos income is far better,without having to pay rent,council tax,etc. as for political jibes, you will find make no difference you will still be pampered,as its the do gooders who run this country,not the politicians.

    • 4. debondisability  |  January 8, 2012 at 4:44 pm

      You have a right to your opinion, I respect your right to a point of view, like many similar its possibly fuelled by media and Government hype, much of that is itself misinformed. Firstly benefits and asupport services do not transportusto the ‘land ofmilk and honey’. Benefits are a piittance, not a fortune, the freebies aren’t free, and the support provision is not for luxury, but basics, like getting up, going to bed or easting. All that only comes if we meet strict rules, and provide proof, often repeatedly. We have to paay normal bills too, and meet extra costs,since for disabled people, transport, food and other costs can all be higher.

      Iam not a so-called disabledperson,I am disabled, and I could prove it, if you had a right to know which, as far as I’m aware you don’t. I wonder how much you know about the other ‘so called disabled people’ you mention? Is it real knowledge, or are you just one of those, there are many, who effortlessly prove over and over that attitudes like Mr Camerons, have to be challenged every time. Contary to your blimkered view they do much harm.

      Nobody chooses to be disabled,and we don’t decide not to work, many disabled people do work, often long past when they are able. The illinformed often mistake can’t work for won’t work. Even those unable to work often do whatever they can to contribute to society, unpaid, and unseen, but none the less valuable.

      Many people with disabilities have the same view of ‘dogooders’ as you. We are merely fighting to protect our rights, in the same way as you almost certainly would if you found yourself in need of support. The right to be treated as a a human being and participate in society, just as Mr Cameron says we should.

      However if you still think being disabled is a good thing, I’ll challenge you, spend a week with me,and discover the truth for yourself.

      • 5. kevin arnold  |  January 9, 2012 at 7:50 pm

        ok so you are one of the few genuine claimants, you say nobody chooses to be disabled i can assure you i personally know many who do (and a few who dont). when you can go to your doctor asking for a letter saying that you cant work and the doctor says “i will write anything you want as long as you write a draft copy,as if i take it off the screen it will cost you” this person having exactly the same condition as my daughter, who had the same operation as this “disabled person” and had 3 months off work after this and never has even tried claiming benefits,he has had 3 yrs disability, and will state he has never been better off, and he doesnt want to work. another has money stopped after 7 yrs for alcoholism,immediately puts in and gets a claim for depression, another, who claims for over 20 yrs for a bad back,but can work cash in hand,change engines,gearboxes etc in cars. i know plenty of “disabled” who do it to screw the system(well its better than dole money without jobcentre grief), adhd disability mainly paid to unemployed and/or single parent familys who then get carers on top of disability (over£100s a week) then dont have to be available for work,with this extra money they dont need to work and this condition cannot be medically diagnosed. another disabled claimant i know has carers allowance paid to her daughter for her care,she in turn claims carers allowance for looking after her son what a joke! mobility allowance what an expensive joke how do you work out it costs disabled more? we dont get a new car every 3 years and only have to pay for fuel,or aternatively get more than £50 a week to travel. dont tell me life is so bad for the disabled, i can see for myself that most claims are just a way of screwing this system,but minorities get more say more protection more rights than your average worker i know the truth true disabled do want to work,trouble is far more disabled claimants abuse the system to get out of it than are genuine, and i also could prove everything i have stated.

      • 6. kevin arnold  |  January 10, 2012 at 4:29 pm

        oh a quick update, the one who had the same operation as my daughter will be back to luton airport tomorow,after 1 month holiday in bulgaria. the other woman whos daughter gets carers allowance to look after her (daughter and husband being unemployed with 4 kids) while she in turn gets it for looking after her son, is moaning about the changes to winter fuel allowance. dont it just bring a tear to your eye.

      • 7. debondisability  |  January 10, 2012 at 8:19 pm

        Two people with the same condition can have different abilities, and effects, one may be able to claim benefits, while the other is able to work. If your daughter feels unable to work she should seek advice. The dr story you quote is faulty, the clue is in the fact that the same information is on screen, but would cost. Therefore its not fabrication, but the best wayto help the patient without charging them. DWP not drs make decisions about entitlement. GPs are directly involved in the assessment of their patients either.

        Many disabled people are carers and provided they meet the rules can claim, its legal for two people to claim for each pther. Strange as it may seem to you, disabled people are allowed holidays ,and to havean opinion on political issues.

        I am qualifed to make the comments I do because I aman experienced benefits adviser. Can you please tellme what qualifications you have that entitle you to make medical and moral judgements on people. Unless you have access to personal information you would not be able to judge. If you are a relevant professional you really should not be moralising.

      • 8. kevin arnold  |  January 10, 2012 at 11:35 pm

        oh the one who has just been on a months holiday has booked and paid to go back in march, i know this dr thing on screen is not fabrication, as i have quoted these statements above i personally know these people and what THEY tell me,not second hand or roumour or media/government propaganda. i have nothing wrong with my hearing so when they tell me these things i know what they say. i can assure you on an appeal a doctors letter goes a long way, why cant i have a say?. just because i dont have qualifications in this sort of thing, maybe you dont see the reality to how the system is screwed, i know there are plenty of loopholes to which your sort latch onto but even you must admit that fraudulent claims are tarnishing the genuine ones, but hiding under the disability banner you think it makes every claim genuine, in my experience of life (50 years of it) and seeing disability claims rise sharply for lesser and lesser ailments you tell me this is all genuine. maybe in another 20 or 30 years or so all the countrys population will be disabled, then there will be nobody to pay tax to keep others in a system of handouts oh no, a bankrupt country, maybe we could all borrow off those who get handouts (phew nearly had visions of no money) or maybe you could represent my rights to disability as you obviously think i am stupid (can i claim it for being stupid?) if not i will have to make something up, maybe deppresion that works, or do i just keep surviving on lower money than i could be screwing out of an overeasy social system, oh if only i was in a minority getting legal protection and representation. oh one good bit of news i have heard the government have pledged to do away with doctors letters for appeals (maybe they see you can get sicknotes just by entering a surgery), but keep up the do gooder bit it looks like you could be very busy fighting for fraudulent rights.

      • 9. debondisability  |  January 11, 2012 at 9:40 am

        Disability benfit fraud is very low, less than 1%. I didn’t say you couldn’t have an opinion, but you are making sweeping statements. I wonder what people you exactly,sometimes people who don’t understand the system assume that they are misrepresent themselves negatively. Only professionals trained in the field and with full knowledge of the of the facts can fully determine entitlement. Decision makers and appeal tribunals can choose what evidence they use to decide, its by no means always GP evidence.
        You say people have quotedGP screens at you, but who and why would they?

        ‘My sort’ just what is that? I am a disabled person, I am alsoa benefits adviser,and advocate. I assure youI do not hide behind disability,nor do I condone fraud. Much as I help people get their entitlement, I have reported cases where I have evidence of fraud.

  • 10. Ralph  |  January 8, 2012 at 5:33 pm

    Actually Cameron apologised in person. I heard him on the radio. Don’t try and make political capital out of a stupid slip on his part. It diverts attention from far more pressing issues.

    • 11. debondisability  |  January 8, 2012 at 5:49 pm

      Actually his attitude is an impotant issue if it negatively informs his policies.

  • 12. kevin arnold  |  January 24, 2012 at 11:15 pm

    another update he of the bad back has a reveiw coming up so he doesnt think this time he will qualify. so he has been speaking to a mate of his and has today gone to the doctors to see a councillor to try and get deemed with mental problems, as this cannot be proven by the assessment panel. so if he starts the process now he says by the time he has to go he will hopefully have the backing of medical experts. still says he doesnt want to work, if you really were fighting for what you claim to be equality why do i come across so many who are trying to get disabled status? (i know why really its because your equality equals more rights,money,no aggro from dole office for those who want to use a system to not work) yes i know a few genuine cases, i know far more who scam it for there thought that they think society owes them, for personal greed, who do you want equality with? is it white collar workers? executives? you already have more rights than us ordinary people.


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