Everyone has the right to take their own life

June 24, 2012 at 11:48 am Leave a comment

The title of this piece is a line taken from the Channel Four programme Let our Dad die last week.  Its true to a point,we have the legal right, but what good is a right you can’t claim?

Jusr like any other mentally capable person Tony Nicklinson has that right, but can’t choose to use it because he is too severely disabled.  Under the law asking anyone to help means that person is at high risk of facing murder charges.  His only other option is starvation, an unpleasant and painful choice.  Tony doesn’t want to die now he wants the choice, so that he can decide when the time is right.

My views have not changed as far as if this was to be allowed, there must be safeguards,and a careful assessment, and strict criteria.  Death must be a genuine and real choice, freely made, by the person wanting to die.  We can’t have a situation where Gran or Aunt Maud are encouraged to die for the convenience of others. 

However protection of the vunerable works both ways, just as Gran’s rights must be respected, ao muat those of people like Tony.  He should not have to face the unbearable, or deal with the alternative option of a drawn out death. Safeguards must now be drawn up, as must the regulations ,never again must protecting people be used as an excuse for eroding rights, and causing what the person concerns sees as intolerable suffering.

I support the right to life, but death is part of life, and as such I support the right to freely choose death.



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