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Act to stop ESA time limiting

Time litmied ESA, that is stopping contribution based ESA after a year for any claimant deemed to be capable of some work at some point is a key part of the Governments Welfare Reform. If it goes ahead it will place many disabled people at serious financial disadvantage.

Fellow activist and  blogger Sue Marsh explains the policy and how you can help.



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Normality comes at a price

The stated aim of support and therapy services when someone is born or becomes disabled is to enablethem to have as full and normal life as possible. Whilst such programmes may provide people with appropriate skills and provide advice about equipment, for many the right equipment, and necessary support costs to ‘best’ meet your needs are not fully met under state provision. Just when you feel ready to enjoy the normal life you have fought for, you find out reality is different.  For example you may need an expensive chair,  a carer for some activities, like going out, or have additional transport needs.  Not to mention  extra heating, special food or footwear.  This is  what my fellow activist Sazzyactivist  has to say:-



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