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CEA Card

The Cinema Exhibitors Association Card allows qualifying disabled people to have a free ticket for a carer when attending the cinema.  You must be on DLA or AA or registered blind, it costs £5.50 and lasts a year.  You usually have to pay a booking fee for the free ticket.

Ifyou have an ‘obvious’ disability it may be worth checking with your local cinema, some will allow you the free ticket without the CEA Card.  This saves the yearly charge and booking fee.  In all cases the carer does not have to be  a paid carer, it can be anyone going with you, who can support you as needed.


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Ways to get information and advice on benefits

With the changes already made, and   the Welfare  Reform Bill looming , the benefits system is getting increasingly complex to navigate.  It is more important than ever before  that you get imformation and advice to ensure you make the best possible claim.

Here are some suggestions for you.  Please note these are NOT reccomendations, equally non-inclusion does NOT mean a provider would not give a good service.  These are just ideas, it is up to the person concerned to choose the most suitable services for themselves. Any details given are subject to change,  so should be checked before seeking advice.

Citizens Advice Probably one of the best known advice services in the country.  They provide advice on a wide range of rights not just benefits.  They have an advice website,  with answers to a range of answers to common queries, a  telephone service, currently mainly locally, but they are rolling out a national telephone service over the next couple of years.  They also provide face to face advice  from  a network of offices.  Numbers for the telephone service or to make appointments, are in the phonebook  or on their main site.  Some services may be limited for people not on legal aid. Home  visits may be available, access arrangements should be checked with the service concerned.

Community Legal Advice Provide a telephone or advice on a range of legal issues for  people who qualify for Legal Aid.  They may signpost people who don’t qualify to other services.  The helpline is 0845 345 4345.  This service only covers England and Wales.

DIAL Provides advice to disabled people on a range of disability issues. Their site has details of local services.  Some services may be limited for people not on legal aid. Home  visits may be available, access arrangements should be checked with the service concerned.

Benefits and Work  A website that aims to support people completing forms for disability benefits themselves. Some information is free, but there is annual subscription  for full access to their guides. They also provide training for advisers.

Disability Alliance Provides a range of information on benefits and related issues on their website.  They also publish The Disability Rights Handbook, every May,  at reduced cost to claimants.

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